Optimize Your Small Business Websites and Search Engine Results

As you probably know, small business websites are not only for having a personal web presence. Small business websites are used to promote your company and also to increase sales. Having a web presence is important but having one that is professional in appearance is even more so. When it comes to small business website design, there are many things that need to be considered. The following tips will help you achieve this goal.

First, you must use the correct keywords and keyword phrases on your small business websites. You need to make sure that every page has the appropriate keywords to optimize your search engine listings. When the search engines discover these keywords, they put your site in the top three pages of their result pages. You want to get your site noticed and ranked high among the others.

Secondly, you want to make sure that you have the proper meta tags and title tags as well. Your meta tags and title tags are what the search engine spiders will use to read and index every page on your small business websites. If they don’t find the appropriate keywords or phrases within these tags, then your site will never see the light of day. You can avoid this by ensuring that you have the right keywords and phrases contained in these two important elements.

You should also ensure that you have a website address that accurately reflects the purpose of your site. The most common mistake that many people make is using their business name as their website address. Your small business name should reflect the purpose of your site, otherwise your site will be considered a spam site. There are many good domain servers that offer domain registration services. You should purchase a domain name through one of these companies and then purchase a website hosting plan through them.

In addition to keywords and domain names, you also need to have good content in your web pages. You want to have good content for your about us page, contact us page, and every page in your website. One of the best ways that search engines determine what your website is about is based on the content that is found in the about us page. Poorly written content and misspelled words will also hurt you with the ranking of your site.

You can promote your website design and SEO by creating Facebook and twitter accounts. You can join these social networking sites free of charge and you can easily update your status message on a regular basis. You can send a tweet out to all of your friends on a regular basis. Many people will notice the updates that you send out and will want to like your page. When you do this, Google will give your small business website a higher ranking. You may have to do a bit of manual setting up of your social profiles, but it will still improve the visibility of your website design and SEO efforts.

You also need to make sure that your webmaster tools are updated. The more current your webmaster tools are, the more useful they will be to you. You want to make sure that your sitemap has all of the relevant links listed, as well as the maps that will be used to direct people to your site. If you publish quality web pages, search engine results will come to you.

You should also make sure that you have a Facebook page created for your small business. This is probably more important than the other areas of your website design and SEO efforts, since people will be able to contact you directly on a Facebook page. You should also make sure that your email address is posted on your Facebook page.