Search Engine Optimization Tips – Do Not Use SEO Tips That Has Been Banned

If you are new to the web, or even if you are not and just have a passing interest in online marketing, then I’m sure you have heard about some of the SEO tips that people are using these days. These are things like pay per click (PPC) advertising or link building.

Both of these strategies are very effective and can provide you with a great strategy, but they are not foolproof. The trick is to learn how to avoid one technique that will get you banned from the search engines.

Just Google the phrase ‘Google Banned’. It won’t take long before you find yourself on page three or four of the search engine results.

I know it’s hard to believe, but this is the truth. You must avoid using techniques that have been banned by Google.

Why is this technique banned? Because Google penalizes sites that use duplicate content as their main method of indexing.

If two websites contain the same keyword then they are considered to be duplicate content. If your website is found on both sites then Google starts to classify you as a spammer.

Google has been doing this for years and has also banned a lot of ways that website owners can get around this rule by developing different sites under the same domain. These methods cause the content of your site to be duplicated.

If you can avoid this then it is vital that you seek out a good search engine optimization company. They can help you avoid these rules.

The search engine that Google uses to identify spamming is called the Abrasion Algorithm. It looks at the text found on the web pages and determines if a site is an imitation.

For example, if your site contains the same keyword on one page and another page then Google will classify the site as duplicate content. If you then use another keyword on another page then Google won’t be able to categorize your site as spam.

Having your site banned is a huge benefit to the Internet marketers. They know that they can continue to build up their business by using one method and not having to worry about Google banning their website.

If you have been using Abrasion and are still not finding any success then I suggest using PPC and link building to build your ranking. You can avoid the rules put in place by Google and the other search engines if you use the techniques that are effective.