SEO Tips – How To Be Ranked Higher In Google Search Results

SEO Tips on how to rank higher in the search engine results. I have come across a number of “secrets” which, when followed, will surely lead to better ranking of your site in the Google search engine. I believe that if these SEO tips were properly used by someone else, then he/she would not have to pay for the same.

When Google first came into existence, it did not pay any attention to its own ranking system. Although, they did eventually create their own algorithm, yet they have not implemented it and hence the need for proper and informed SEO tips.

SEO Tip number one: Learn about SEO. You should know your business’ requirements and tailor-made SEO-friendly web design and meta tags. You should also know what words and phrases are applicable to your site.

The use of the keyword search tool is vital. Make sure that you know how to use them to the maximum, thus, getting yourself a good ranking.

Second SEO Tip: Keep your ‘content rich’ content on its best for more crawlers to see it. SEO is all about content. By having well-written content, you attract more traffic and also, get higher ranking.

SEO Tip Number Three: Have your website or blog on different platforms. Do your research so that it appears on a number of search engines’ homepages. This helps keep it from getting a low ranking.

It is very important to use social networking for SEO. You should create a Facebook page and a Twitter account and continuously update them. You can also talk with people on them to promote your sites.

You should also use RSS feeds to update your pages. To subscribe to them, go to RSS Reader. You should make your pages a part of the auto-responder program provided by the RSS feed providers.

Third SEO Tip: You should go to places where you can get real time updates about the other websites, blogs, and social networking sites. You should get as much data as possible. You can get this data using Google Alerts.

You should then make a list of email addresses of people who frequent those sites. You can send an email to them and ask them to recommend your site to others.

Fourth SEO Tip: Do not use too many backlinks. A single backlink is more than enough, if you want to increase the rank of your site.

For Google to rank your site, you need to have at least one backlink from every page. If there are two or three, then it is not enough. There should be no less than five.