Things You Must Have In Your WordPress Security Audit

Running your own WordPress security audit should be a regular part of your blog maintenance process. You should run your own WordPress security audit at least once every six months to make sure your blog is secure. Even if you don’t use it on a regular basis, you’ll want to review your blog’s security on a regular basis anyway. Here are some common questions to ask when running your own WordPress security audit.

Does your blog offer plug-ins that could be exploited by someone who is trying to gain access to your blog? Plug-ins are a great way for your blog to provide information that is unique, custom-made, or customized. You should review these plug-ins often to ensure they are not being abused. Most plug-ins are simple to install and are free for everyone to use. The main issue with some plug-ins is that they are difficult to delete once they have been installed. Your blog should offer several options for your plugin users, and those users should always have the option of deleting their plug-ins.

Is your blog password-protected? A password-protected blog will limit anyone to only be able to view your blog through the WordPress admin area. To help keep your blog safe, use a stronger password for your blog. Make sure the one you use is not too easy to guess, as even a small change to the password could allow someone to break into your blog without needing to know your blog username and password.

Do you offer plug-ins that allow people to add new content to your blog or can they be accessed with a username and password? If you are creating a blog that people want to visit frequently, then make sure you are offering plug-ins that allow them to add content to their blogs. One of the biggest problems with blogging is that users can easily sign up for your blog but not be able to view the content once they’ve done so. When you’re using a plug-in, they have a username and password associated with the plug-in and they are able to log into your blog and view any new content that was posted to it. This means that your blog has been tampered with.

Do you offer search capabilities? Many people use search engines to find information on the Internet and using a search engine is one of the best ways to find out if people have found your blog. Make sure you are allowing search capabilities on your blog. The better search engines out there will allow you to place text tags on your blog which means they will return relevant results based on the keywords people are typing into their search boxes. If your blog has a keyword rich title, then it should be easy for people to find what they are looking for when they search for a topic. Make sure you are also offering RSS feeds on your blog. in order for the search engines to index your content and make it easier for you to show up high in the search results.

Do you offer a blog search functionality? If you do not offer search functionality on your blog, you may end up being penalized by Google for not having one on it. You can avoid getting penalized by adding the functionality to your blog later on down the line by either upgrading to the newest version of WordPress or by sending them a message and asking if they’d like you to include search functionality on your blog. Once your blog is up and running with search functionality, you’ll find that people are searching for the exact information that you provide on a daily basis and using it to find exactly what they need.