WordPress Plugin Developer Job Post

So how do you hire a WordPress programmer or WordPress plugin writer? You can always source WordPress programmer talent through Upwork by following the three steps below: Write a detailed project description. You will want to clearly define your scope of work, the skills and needs that you’re looking for, and your budget. You may also need to list any licensing restrictions that you have (e.g. Creative Commons license).

Write a complete marketing strategy. You will want to craft a strong marketing plan to let potential clients know what you can do for them. Your website, including your WordPress plugins, should be your “call to action.” Include a link to your portfolio and/or website. Include your contact form on every page. Make sure that all of your web pages display your contact form.

Let potential clients know about your credentials and experience. Don’t just state that you’re a WordPress plugin developer or WordPress programmer. Tell them why you can help them. Demonstrate your experience, share samples of your work, and show that you’re a reliable and thorough writer. Don’t forget to include your contact form on every page.

Be a quality person. This is not just a business transaction. If you want your WordPress plugin developer to be reliable and thorough, he or she should be personable and provide a friendly, nurturing atmosphere. Try to make your first meeting with a pleasant, engaging, and helpful person. Try to have at least one face-to-face meeting with your potential developer before hiring him or her. Ask questions about his or her coding experience and try to get answers from him or her about the type of plugins he or she has developed.

Avoid “beach-ball” style communication. No matter how good your relationship with your WordPress plugin developer may be, there will always be times when you two need a casual chat. Even if the topic is about your project or plugin development, you shouldn’t discuss any personal issues. This is especially true during the initial meeting. If you want your custom plugins and user experience to be as useful as possible, consider having a one-on-one chat with your developer during the initial meeting.

Avoid “hiring” your developer. When talking about a WordPress plugin developer job, remember that you are his or her employee. You have the responsibility to make him or her happy by providing the product he or she was hired to create. Hire a person whose work you admire. A developer with many successful plugins is better than a developer with few.

Let your existing plugins do most of the talking. Although hiring a WordPress plugin developer job post seems like the way to go, this isn’t always the case. The plugin you’re hiring may have a lot of great ideas for new features, but it is usually better to leave the job of creating those new plugins to the person who already knows how to do it best. Remember that this person has spent months or years building a strong understanding and relationship with users, so it will be easy for him or her to translate your ideas into great WordPress functions.

Don’t hire the first developer you come across. There are a number of excellent developers online, but not every single one of them will create great WordPress plugins for you. Do some research before hiring a developer because your WordPress blog requires a certain level of expertise on the subject. Remember that good developers know WordPress inside and out, so don’t hire just anyone. Take your time to look at their portfolio and reviews before making your decision on who to hire.